Ciscom Web Design and Development

At Ciscom, we have a wealth of e-commerce marketing experience behind us.

With the benefit of a multi-discipline background, we can help your e-marketing programme for retail, insurance, financial services and for a number of other markets.

To effectively market your website, you need to formulate a strategy of both online and offline marketing.

The following information will help you get started.

Online Website Marketing

Search Engines and Search Engine Optimisation

Your web site needs to be search engine friendly from the ground up. This means a professional build by experts. We can provide a full range of services to improve your search engine position. Click here for more information on search engine optimisation and search engine positioning

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay for a top position in Google, MSN and other leading search engines using Google Adwords and Overture. You pay only what you set as your maximum cost per click on your advert, making this a very cost effective and targeted method of advertising.

However, there is more to PPC than simply making the highest bid for your chosen keywords. You need to ensure relevancy and best wording of your advert for maximum clicks and choosing the correct keywords takes time, knowledge and experience.

Ciscom can manage your PPC campaign using our knowledge and experience of search marketing.

Banner Advertisements

Banners sit on other web sites and attract traffic through to your site (click throughs). There are many banner advertising plans available, but it pays to sign up for one which is most likely to give you warm leads and introduce users that are genuinely interested in your products and services.

Reciprocal Links, Banners and Features

You may be able to arrange to swap banner adverts with other web sites, or arrange reciprocal links. As well as the direct traffic generated, this will help with your search engine link popularity. You can pay for banner adverts to be displayed on other popular and relevant web sites, but be sure to investigate the likely return on investment. Another idea is to agree to write features and articles for associated web sites. This can result in free advertising.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing covers a broad range of marketing activities in which you work closely with other companies, from basic marketing agreements to co-branded web sites.

Web Directories

There is a whole range of web based portals and directories on all manner of subjects. Some of these can generate significant traffic for your web site.

Web Site Links In Your Own Emails

The most basic techniques can generate a lot of interest for you. Simply add a web site link to your own email signature.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Mass e-mailings can result in annoyed customers and prospects. The key here is to target permissioned customers with personalised information and incentives such as discounts and offers.


An old marketing tool, but it works and you can bring it into the electronic era by using sophisticated email techniques to collect marketing information.

Offline Website Marketing

Company Stationery

Display your web address on your usual stationery, business cards, brochures, existing adverts, vans and so on.

Email or Post Details

Mail your existing customers and prospects with details of your web site.

Newspapers, Magazines and Trade Press

Solicit features and editorials in newspapers and magazines. You may be able to get features or articles published that mention your web site name. Submit latest news about your web site to relevant publications for entry into their news section.