Ciscom Web Design and Development

Ciscom runs a number of dedicated servers at the UKs top data centres. This provides us with a very robust hosting environment for our business customers.

It is usual for us to manage the web hosting for websites and systems that we build and manage for our customers. This is because:

  • If you have a query or problem, you don't need to worry about whether it is the responsibility of the web developer or the hosting provider - just call Ciscom
  • It's up to Ciscom to make sure the web hosting infrastructure meets the needs of your website or web system, including the install of any server components
  • Ciscom has taken care of the security, data integrity, reliability and speed of the hosting infrastructure - four complex areas that you don't need to worry about.

We are also happy to take over and manage the hosting for websites that have been built elsewhere. Or, if you are looking for your own dedicated server, then we will be happy to manage that for you.

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Please also see our information about Email Hosting.

Web hosting is a critical component of your online strategy and you need to carefully consider the following:


Your website needs to be available 100% of the time. If your website is down for even the shortest period, this can reflect very badly on your business and it also affects your search engine position. Fast and reliable web hosting has never been more important.

Our business hosting is located at the award winning UK facilities of RackSpace and UKFast. Provisions such as uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and diesel backup generators ensure a level of reliability that you cannot replicate at a local level.


You web pages need to load quickly. Research shows that customers make an initial decision in less than a second and if your web page is slow to load, you will likely lose their interest. What's more, the speed of your website is becoming more critical to the search engines and your search engine position will benefit from fast loading pages. That's why we only entrust our business hosting to RackSpace and UKFast data centres.


There are many security threats that can affect the integrity of your website. The quality of the web hosting server security is a very important factor in ensuring that your website does not come under malicious attack. Our experience in this field ensures that best practice is followed both in terms of hardware (firewall), operating system and application security. Our hosting facilities are Microsoft Gold Certified which means that we benefit from early warning and patching of new security threats.

Data Integrity

You should make sure that you back up your local files and data on a daily basis (see our Online Backup information) but have you considered what would happen should your website data be lost or corrupted? This could mean the loss of your latest web pages and also any data stored by your web based systems such as customer and product information. Ciscom business web hosting ensures the integrity of your data by providing a nightly backup with a two weekly retention as standard. If something happens, the data can be recovered quickly.

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