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Organisations very often have employees working from home on a regular or permanent basis. This brings many advantages and efficiencies to the organisation and its employees.

Organisations need to bear in mind that the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act applies equally to staff working away from the office. That includes employees who spend only a short time home working.

To ensure that the employees home workplace is as free from risk as possible, it is important that organisations have a process in place to carry out home working risk assessments. This is all part of ensuring your employees health and wellbeing whilst working. The ErgoPro Home Working Risk Assessment covers the following areas of concern:

  • Display Screen Equipment (DSE) including:
    • The Working Environment
    • Visual and Musculoskeletal Issues
    • Work Routine
    • Desk and Chair
    • Software
    • Screen, Keyboard and Input Devices
  • Manual Handling
  • Equipment and Electrical Safety
  • First Aid and Accident Reporting

The Home Working Risk Assessment module sits within the ErgoPro system for easy management of your risk assessment programme.

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Home Working Risk Assessment