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ErgoPro is used by companies from five to several thousand DSE users, including:

  • Balfour Beatty
  • Cargill
  • Case New Holland
  • CIBC Bank of Canada
  • IDT Global
  • ITN
  • LEGO
  • Moving Picture Company
  • Philips
  • SAB Miller
  • Telegraph
  • Universal Music

About Health and Safety Law
There are various health and safety obligations for companies that cover the use of computers but probably the most relevant is "The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (amended in 2002)". These require all companies with more than 5 employees to provide display screen equipment (DSE) "users" with assessments to identify risk that they may be exposed to during their work.

"Users" are generally defined as staff who normally use DSE for continuous spells of one hour or more on a daily basis or who have to transfer information quickly. Many companies now carry out an assessment for any office worker using DSE.

The regulations stress that it is important for employers to take actions to reduce any risk identified during assessments. They also list basic requirements for workstations and emphasise the importance of planning breaks and changes of activity into the daily work routine of users.

Bespoke Home Page "I have used the system for about twenty months and it has proved a revelation the system has allowed me to control the risk of WRULD within a higher risk office environment."

"Previously my company used trained assessors appointed from within their own department and some of these appointed assessors provided competent assessments, but many in my own eyes failed to correctly assess all the hazards associated with intense VDU usage. Therefore with much trepidation I decided to look for a suitable DSE assessment tool, in my opinion ErgoPro is the system that suits the needs of my company best and helps to maintain a workforce in productive good health."

"The team behind ErgoPro helped me to bespoke the system to fit this particular environment and the feedback it gives to both the user and myself regarding each individual assessment is I believe superior to other systems in the market place."

"This allows rapid intervention when health concerns dictate, the system is also very cost effective. I would highly recommend it to any company looking to invest in an online DSE assessment tool."

"Many thanks for your help on this I really appreciated the great service you and your team supply."